Social Worker Training

Professional training, professionally delivered.

Families West offer a number of training packages which also include bespoke training that can be individualised to meet your service/team need. We offer our training packages on both a virtual and face-to-face training platform.  However, face-to-face is highly recommended for your participants to get optimum skills development and experience.

Bespoke Training Courses

In addition to those courses set out below, Families West are able to design and deliver a course of bespoke training that will precisely match the needs of your department or team.  Just tap to call 07572 695 862 for an informal chat, in principle.

Social workers in families training

Life Story & Journey Training

This in-depth course will encourage participants to explore the ways in which children can be supported to understand their life journey, and how this can then be incorporated into an actual life story book.

The course will also examine who should be considered as contributors to a child's life story book, and the techniques that can be employed when producing such a book.

(The Life Story and Journey course can be adapted for use with foster cares, kinship carers and adoptive parents to help them further understand the importance a child's own life history.)

Explaining Difficult Information

This invaluable course will enable participants to explore and discuss how best to impart difficult, often emotionally charged, information in a way that the child will understand.

Participants will discover techniques and language that will encourage open dialogue, to explain the complexities of a subject whilst minimising the emotional impact.

Domestic Violence

This course will teach candidated how to work with the perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.

It is aimed at helping professionals develop an insight into risk assessment when dealing with abusers.

Importantly, it will also provide guidance on how to work with children who have experience domestic abuse. . .  offering a therapeutic approach to working with children who have witnessed, and experienced, domestic violence.

SMART action planning for social workers in Wales

SMART Planning

SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound ) action planning.

This course offers participants an opportunity to discuss how a plan can be created with a family and/or child to achieve their desired goal and aims, with the support of children's services, education, health and other third sector agencies.

These plans go on to explore review mechanisms, and discover ways in which their distance travelled can analysed, documented and used to inform future planning.

Remote, on-going, support for social work training from families Wales

Supervision & Support

Student Work Practice Assessments;

Families West can assess a student in line with university requirements to ensure they are fit to practice as social workers.

Independent Supervision & Mentoring;

On-going formal mentoring is available from Families West to both students and qualified social work professionals.

Range of allied services include;